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Handle With Scare: A Horror Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

Totem and Vash are back with Episode 10. As theaters start to re-open we can start being less Unhinged, Shudder celebrates 61 days of Halloween, and two sequels are dropping in 2022. Learn more about all of the latest in horror!

Credit for our STELLAR synthwave tracks goes to David Aselle!

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Unhinged leads the box office last weekend; New Mutants opens

TCM reboot finds new director a week into production

Scream 5 set for January 2022

Next Paranormal Activity set for 2022

Netflix confirms Resident Evil series

Carpenter teases new project for The Thing

Shudder announces their September lineup


Twisted Tuesday (For Sept 2nd)

  • The Shed [2020]
  • Uncle Peckerhead [2020]]




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