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Handle With Scare: A Horror Podcast

Jun 16, 2020

Totemlydrunk and VashTea are back with Episode 5 with a double review show! On tap for tonight we discuss festival arrivals, update you on Kevin Smith's Moose Jaws, share our thoughts on Universal's approach to The Wolfman, and more!

Credit for our STELLAR synthwave tracks goes to David Aselle!

Be sure to join our Twisted Crew on discord and tag along for our watch parties every Tuesday night at 7:30pm PT on Kast!



Fantasia Film Festival first wave

Train To Busan "Peninsula" heads to Cannes

Jay and Silent Bob out of Moose Jaws

Ryan Gosling is the Wolfman

Pride: LGBTQ horror


Now Playing (One Cut of the Dead & Urban Legend)


Twisted Tuesday (For May 26th)

  • 80s double feature!
  • Movie 1 - C.H.U.D.
  • Movie 2 - The Return of the Living Dead




Twitter: @HandleWithScare



Totemlydrunk Twitter @totemlydrunkctr 

VashTea Twitter @VashtiLeahB