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Handle With Scare: A Horror Podcast

Jul 19, 2020

Totemlydrunk and VashTea are back with Episode 8. On the show tonight the hosts talk about the upcoming Chucky television series, Shudder acquires streaming rights to Peninsula, Scream Factory is bringing the goods this October, and we share our thoughts on one of the newer horror offerings in The Wretched!

Credit for our STELLAR synthwave tracks goes to David Aselle!

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Chucky series to release next year on SyFy/USA

Peninsula slated for Aug release; Shudder acquires streaming rights

Shudder renews The Last Drive In

Scream Factory releasing Motel Hell / Pumpkinhead steelbooks

Scream Factory unveils Friday The 13th box set

Guide: Horror at Comic Con


Now Playing - The Wretched (2020)


Twisted Tuesday (For July 21st)

  • Terror Train (1980)
  • The Fog (1980)




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